Our Story

Many people would say that at the heart of a hug is love.  Well, that’s just the case with Hugs Pet Products, an innovative family-owned business that markets new and unique pet products to merchants world-wide. 

Growing up in the heart of the Midwest, Katie Brewer, and her husband, Chad, have always shared an abundance of love… and pets.  Practically housing a small petting zoo at their country home, the Brewer family household always included their three children, along with several dogs, cats, goats and sheep. 

It didn’t take long for their infectious love of pets to spread to their children, either.  At a young age, their daughter’s only birthday wish was for more pets!  Like many families, for the Brewers, there was no better feeling than the one they received from their pets anytime they returned home. 

“Whether you’ve been at work, out getting groceries or even away for just a couple of minutes, there is nothing better than being greeted with an excited embrace and a loving, wet kiss from a pet.  There’s just nothing better,” said Katie. 

Receiving constant love, loyalty and companionship from her furry family members, Katie longed for a way to give back to her pets.  In 2009, she found the perfect way. 

An already astute business owner, Katie noticed that the pet market was growing at a faster pace than almost any other consumer products market out there.  She decided to form another division to her existing company, Maze Innovations, Incorporated, and call it Hugs Pet Products.  After all, her pets’ hugs were her favorite part of the day. 

Hugs Pet Products is all about new pet innovations… unlike any other pet company in the world.  As pet owners’ needs constantly change, Hugs is there to meet those needs… designing, manufacturing and distributing quality and innovative pet products throughout the world.  As the pet market rapidly expands, Hugs intends to take that innovation to another level, supplying pet owners with products they can't believe they ever lived without!

Fulfilling Katie’s vision, Hugs remains passionate about providing new pet products and is excited about where they can take the pet product industry.  If enthusiasm, hard work and tremendous love of pets count for anything, then Hugs is bound for great success!